Nana Divine! Now Available

Nana Divine is a series of seven children’s e-books by Kristi Bira, now available on

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Oh, Nana Divine! Come tell me a tale! ‘Bout a winged horse or a ship with a sail! Take me exploring where we can be free! To run through the prairie! To swing through the trees! I’ll crawl in your lap, so comfy and soft! You’ll open a book and SWOOSH! We’ll be off! Off to such places that we’ve never seen! I’ll be a tiger, and you’ll be a Queen! I know that my night will really be fine when I read a story with my Nana Divine!

Nana Divine’s Miss Grumpity-Grump and Other Troublemakers!

Nana Divine’s Celebrations and Holidays!

Nana Divine’s Things That Go BUMP!

Nana Divine’s Silly Rhymes and Story-Time!

Nana Divine’s Playmates and Friends!

Nana Divine’s Marvelous Mother Nature!

Nana Divine’s Precious Pets and Animal Friends