Playmates and Friends!

Nana Divine’s Playmates and Friends! – A collection of rhyming verse for children about imagination, playtime, playmates and friends, now available on  Need a free e-book reader?  Get one HERE!

Imaginary Friend

I had a friend when I was small that no one else could see…




City Kid, Country Kid!

I live in the city with buildings so high, towering up and scraping the sky! Taxis and buses and cars zoom by! I live in the city with building so high!




Gonna Take a Journey!

I’m gonna take a journey, I’m gonna take a trip; I’m having an adventure, I’m giving you the slip!




And We’ll All Have Tea!

I shall wear my pretty hat! Just think of that! My pretty hat! I shall wear my pretty hat, and we’ll all have tea!




Bear Friend

I had a little bear once, he played a special tune; I hugged him really tightly ‘neath the big old silver moon.




Put Me in a Rocket Ship!

Blast me through the skies! Send me to a galaxy that no one else has spied!




I’m a Little Cowboy!

Just look at me ride! My trusty six-shooter right by my side! On my little pony, she’s a pretty paint! I get to say fun words like ‘hoss’ and ‘ain’t!’




Pirates Song

I’ve set me sails for a distant land! Yo ho, me maties, yo ho!




Treehouse Club

Let’s make a clubhouse, just for you and me.  I know the perfect spot – it’s up my favorite tree!




Summer Sun! Summer Bare!

Summer Sun! Summer Bare! Summer wind blows through my hair!





I’m what they call a bookworm, ‘though I don’t know why it’s so.




Just Breathe!

In and Out! In and Out! That’s how I breathe, right through my snout!




Mirror, Mirror!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, am I too short or just too tall?




Band Fan

Some bands play classical, like Beethoven and Bach; some play country, some play rock!




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