Nana Divine’s Marvelous Mother Nature!

Nana Divine’s Mother Nature – An e-book collection of 15 rhyming verses and stories about nature, animals and seasons.

Flutter By! Butterfly!

I saw a pretty butterfly! Flutter By! Flitter By! It landed in the gutter by an old pile of leaves!

Life is a Poem!

Life is a poem! A beautiful rhyme! With the ebbing and flowing of seasons and time….


Humming low, to and fro! Tiny beating wings! Hanging there, in the air! I can hear you sing!


Gee, I love to chomp on wood! Crunchy, munchy, spongey, good! Toothpicks! Timber! Townhomes! Trees! When I’m through, I say “More, please!”

Firefly! Firefly!

Firefly! Firefly! Light the night! Firefly! Firefly! Burn so bright! I can catch you in my hand! Then I’ll keep you in a can!

Garden Party Spider

She’s throwing a garden party! A summer picnic fest! She’s looking for a friend to ask; oh, who will be her guest? Her web is strung so tightly, and glistens in the sun! She’s looking for a friend to ask; oh, who will be the one?

Ssss-sneaky Ssss-snake!

I saw a little ssss-sneaky ssss-snake! A ssss-slithery, glittery garden ssss-snake! Ssss-skulking around the local lake! I saw a little ssss-sneaky ssss-snake!

Ant Army

Armies marching to and fro, down the sidewalk; watch them go! Bringing wood and building stuff; I’ve never seen guys looking so tough!

Sacred Little Mourning Dove

I heard a sound, so sad and low; from whence it came, I did not know. So beautiful, but so forlorn; wafting through the misty morn. The sunrise came and warmed the ground, but still I heard that haunting sound. It pierced my heart with keening love; it was a sacred Mourning Dove!

Pitter! Patter! Falling Drops!

Pitter! Patter! Falling Drops! Hear the rain? It just won’t stop! Grab my coat and my galoshes! Through the puddles! Slugging! Sloshes!

Little Least Bittern

The little Least Bittern doesn’t do so much twitterin’ as he walks among the ferns! He stands just a-yearnin’ with his hunger just a-burnin’ and his eyes just a-lookin’ so stern! If you’re a dragonfly, I advise you don’t fly by this shy little swampy dweller! Although he stands so still, and has such a tiny bill, he’s quite a huntin’ feller!

C’mon Down to the Bayou!

Come on, down to the bayou! Down to the boggies! Down to the swampland! Down to the soggies! You’ll find mean alligators sunning on the logs! Magic dragonflies and big ol’ bullfrogs! Grandaddy catfish as big as your boat! Waterbugs, tadpoles and other things that float!

The Recycle Song! (If you want to sing this poem, the words fit well to the tune of ‘Put a Little Love in Your Heart’)

Grab all your cans and glass! Don’t put them in the trash! Put ‘em in the recycle bin! Take all your newspaper too! Plastics will always do! Put ‘em in the recycle bin! You’ll make the world into a better place! You’ll make the world into a better place! For you! And me! Just wait, wait and see!  You know the earth will spoil, if we dump paint and oil! Take ‘em to your recycle center!


I lie on my back and look at the sky, watching the Cumulus clouds roll by! Concentrate hard! Oh, what do I see? Shapes and animals float above me! I see a dragon! I see a cat! I see a man in a big funny hat! There goes a dinosaur flying a kit! He’s so fat, so fluffy and white! Wherever I look, there are shapes in the sky..won’t you lie down and watch them float by?

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