Silly Rhymes and Story-Time!

Nana Divine’s Silly Rhymes and Story-Time – A collection of rhyming silly short stories and verse, now available on Amazon.comGet your free e-reader here!



Susan is a Flibberty-Gibbet! A Flufferty-Scatteredy-Brain!  Her head is always in a flutter! To Susie, thinking is quite a strain!





Crazy Cook – The Chef is cooking something, but I don’t think we want to eat it!

“What’s for dinner?” I asked the Cook, who winked at me and said, “The recipe is in this book, of which I haven’t yet read!”





Sweet Mary’s Garden

Sweet Mary had a garden, she grew ten thousand peas!  Eight million tiny radishes and raised some honeybees…..





Ramblin’ Ruth and Her Pig

Down deep in the swamp in a house made of twigs, lives a crazy old woman and her pot-bellied pig!





Nottingham the Nincompoop!

Nottingham the Nincompoop opened his little bumbershoot, tottered off down the lane, in the pouring morning rain!





Phoning Persephone!

Persephone has a dilemma! It seems that she can’t hear! She has a funny kind of growth all over her left ear!





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