Things That Go BUMP!

Nana Divine’s Things That Go BUMP!

A collection of rhyming stories and verse for children about ‘things that go bump’ during the night:

Sqweekle-Bump-Bump-Bump – 15 pages of rhyming verse…..the whole family is awakened by a funny noise! What could it be?

One night while I was sleeping, the room so calm and quiet; a funny sqweeekle-bump noise broke through the still of night!  My eyes began to flutter! Sleep held me still no more! I rolled right out of my big bed and dropped down to the floor!





There’s a Monster Under My Bed!

There’s a MONSTER living under my bed! He’s always HUNGRY and BEGS to be fed! He’s SHORT and he’s LUMPY and has three big EYES! He’s MAD and he’s GRUMPY and he’s CHOCK FULL OF LIES!!!!!





Arachnaphobia! – I’m brave, except for spiders!

Some people are scared of hissing snakes! Some people are scared of sharks! Some people are scared to death of mice, still others are afraid of the dark! My aunt is scared of chickens – to look at OR to eat! My best friend is scared of crickets – she thinks they will jump on her feet!




I Had a Bad Dream!

I had a bad dream! It’s stuck in my head! I feel so darn scared, I’m glued to my bed!  There was a big THING! Shiny EYES and teeth SHARP!…And then a loud NOISE! I woke in the DARK!




Noisy Napping! – all the noises that can keep a person awake.

The dogs are BARKING! The cats are YOWLING! The coyotes in the fields are HOWLING! Children are YELLING! Traffic is ZOOMING! Radios are playing with bass’s BOOMING! Crickets are CHIRPING! Tree limbs are TAPPING! So, I wonder? How can YOU be NAPPING?






Note from Nana Divine:  Children, do you know how to download an e-book?  It’s easy to get a free e-book reader for your computer, your phone, or other device.  Have your mom or dad help you download one so you can read stories by Nana Divine!