Nana Divine’s Precious Pets and Animal Friends!

Nana Divine’s Precious Pets and Animal Friends! – An e-book collection of rhyming stories and verse about precious pets and animals.


My dog is too loud, my cat is too mean, so I bought this bird whose fur is green….

Barnyard Dance

Chickens scratch! Ducklings hatch! The pigs are in the slop! The rabbits are in the garden again, doing the bunny hop! Tractors rumble! Kittens tumble! The horse has left the barn! The crows are in the cornfield, just picking at the corn!

My Horse is Hoarse!
My horse is hoarse! His whinny is off! His nose is runny, he has a slight cough! His muzzle won’t nuzzle! His tail is all droopy! He’s started to sneeze and sound real croupy!

Fish in a Dish
There was a fish, who had a wish to live somewhere besides this dish! Thick walls of glass, with water to splash, some colored rocks and plastic grass!

Hippity-Hoppity Frog!
Down in my backyard where the water faucet drips, I found a little frog with big smiling lips! I cupped my hands together and bent down really close; I caught that little frog right by the water hose!

Too Many Pets!
I’ve got too many pets at home! I simply don’t know what to do! I started out with just a couple, and now I’ve got a whole zoo!

Joe And The Flea
I have a dog, his name is Joe. He has a flea upon his toe. The flea is fast! It jumps so high! It left his toe; jumped to his thigh!

A Dog’s Life!
Who, me? Take a bath!? Oh, I should think not! I’m really quite fond of these dirty spots! Like this crusty old mud from yesterday when I went out to the park to play! Or this red stain from today’s little lunch, when I knocked over that glassful of punch!

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