Celebrations and Holidays!

Nana Divine’s Celebrations and Holidays! – An e-book collection of rhyming verse for children about yearly celebrations and holidays, now available on Amazon.com.

Happy New Year!

Old Father Time has worked all year; the ticking clock tells us he’s here! The party is starting! We’re counting down! From ten to one and we’ll paint the town!




Oh, My Little Valentine!

Would You? Could You? Please, be Mine?  I’m twitterpated, filled with glee! Can You? Will You? Sit by me?



The Day I Saw The Easter Bunny!

One early Easter morning, as I roused myself from sleep; I thought I heard the patter of little thumping feet!




Fireworks Spark! Celebration!

Flags flap! Bugles Tap! Soldiers Snap to attention!




Trick or Treat!

Out of my way, you coven of witches! Old Frankenstein, with your bolts and your stitches! I don’t have time for giggling ghouls! I don’t have time for folly with fools!




Thankful for Thanksgiving!

Grandma’s house smells really good! The table is full of lots of food! Turkey! Dressing! Tasty Meats! Pies and cakes and big sweet treats!


Waiting on Santa

I decorated the Christmas tree, all lit-up, sparkly and tinselly. I added some baubles and a bell or two, and now I’m just sitting, waiting for you.



Today is My Birthday!

It comes once a year! Today I was born! It says so right here!





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