Final Two Nana Divine Books Available Today!

Posted June 1st, 2011 by admin

Nana D has a problem:

She has too many pets at home! She doesn’t know what to do!

At first there were just a couple, and now she has a whole zoo!

There are peacocks prancing in her pantry, dachshunds dancing in her den, cats crawling through her cupboard!

What a state her house is in!

Goats grazing in her garden! Horses hanging out in the hall! Lizards loitering in the laundry! Wallabies walking on her walls!

Nana Divine’s Precious Pets and Animal Friends! released on June 1st (


Life is a poem, a beautiful rhyme! With the ebbing and flowing of seasons and time!

With the rising and setting of Sun, Moon and Stars!

With the hustle and bustle of cities and cars!

With the comings and goings of people and friends!

With the joys and sorrows of beginnings and ends!

With the sowing and reaping of land and of crops!

With the life-giving fullness of one tiny raindrop!

Yes, life is a poem!

Just watch it unfold!

You’re part of a story just waiting to be told!

Nana Divine’s Marvelous Mother Nature! released on June 1st (


News From Nana Divine!

Posted May 22nd, 2011 by admin

Well, dearies, Nana D has been REALLY busy the last two weeks!  She’s turned off the oven and quit baking cookies so she can get some more books up for you to enjoy.  Grab one of her new titles off of Amazon, curl up somewhere comfy-soft (maybe your Nana or Grandma’s lap!) and start reading!

Nana Divine’s Miss Grumpity-Grump and Other Troublemakers!

Nana Divine’s Things That Go BUMP!

Nana Divine’s Celebrations and Holidays!

Nana Divine’s Playmates and Friends!

Nana Divine’s Silly Rhymes and Story-Time!

Do you know how to download an e-book?  You don’t actually have to OWN a Kindle.  You can download one for your:



Hello world! From Nana Divine…

Posted April 5th, 2011 by admin

Oh, Nana Divine! Come tell me a tale!

‘Bout a winged horse or a ship with a sail!

Take me exploring where we can be free,

To run through the prairie!

To swing through the trees!

I’ll crawl in your lap, so comfy and soft!

You’ll open a book and SWOOSH! We’ll be off!

Off to such places that we’ve never seen!

I’ll be a tiger, and you’ll be a Queen!

I know that my night, will really be fine,

When I read a story with my Nana Divine!