Miss Grumpity-Grump And Other Troublemakers!

Miss Grumpity-Grump and Other Troublemakers!  A e-book collection of rhyming stories for children about the Troublemakers they may encounter (or perhaps become!) during the day.  Now available on Amazon.com and Smashwords.  Need a free e-book reader?  Get one HERE!


Miss Grumpity Grump – Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed!


Persnickety Pam – Precious Persnickety Pickety Pam won’t eat a thing!


Shoo Flu! – I feel a sneezle start to come, I’ve blown so much my schnozzle’s numb!



The Tummy Ache – I’ve Got a Little Tummy-Ache! It must’ve been that piece of cake!


The Hair Tangle – There’s a tangle in my hair; Snarly, Snaggledy, sitting there!


I’ve Got New Shoes – I’ve got new shoes! They’re really neat! They look so great on my two feet!


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